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Harald Lyth - Probabilities

11 March 2022 - 15 May 2022

Harald Lyth's paintings oscillate elegantly between dream and wakefulness, the simple and the complex. In the exhibition at Liljevalchs+ we join an artist in search of the innermost essence of painting.

As an artist, Harald Lyth is, in a positive sense, completely unfashionable. He is a painter who since the 1970s has been driven by a wonder at the possibilities of the pictorial space. His working tools are brush, chalk and charcoal on canvas, paper, floor or wall. The method is attack and responsiveness, visual interception and reduction until something opens up to the colour and its signs.

The great art of Lyth is his accuracy. An ability to retain desire and curiosity in the brushwork, to avoid sloth and pose in a desire for absolute presence in line and colour. When Lyth is in his work, physically and mentally, it is felt in both stomach and head.

Lyth's painting project is complex. A visual fantasy in a state between dream and wakefulness. Always rhythmic and musical. The exhibition at Liljevalchs+ is his largest to date, but what is presented on the walls is not art aspiring to revolution, not a pamphlet, but merely the traces of a sensitive man who wants us to see something else, something more, beyond the determination of things.

Harald Lyth was born in Gothenburg in 1937 and currently works in Stockholm.

Falkenbergsgatan 3

Open today 11-17

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A sneak peek at the film about Harald Lyth

Watch a sequence from the film about Harald Lyth shown in his exhibition Probabilities. Made by Tomas Boman and Kajsa Andersö, the film paints a wholehearted picture of an artist who is, to say the least, rooted in his own complexity. Watch this!

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