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Julia Peirone

3 June 2022 - 4 September 2022

With Julia Peirone's exhibition at Liljevalchs+, we are highlighting one of the most important contemporary artists of our time.

Julia Peirone has been interested in the photographic image and what it can be since her breakthrough in the 1990s. She does not work autobiographically, but there is still a unified narrative in her work, a nerve of experience that allows the works to open up to our eyes. The images have a pressure, a weight, which is rooted in a complex personality that wants to formulate something central about life.

Peirone's photographs and films usually feature young people, but in recent years older actors have also taken the stage. Regardless of age, everything takes place at an intersection, in the zone between being a child, an adult and an old person. In this intersection there is both pain and opportunity. In these images of total presence and vulnerability, we see a frozen time. It is both brittle, painful and sad.

Peirone's talent lies in her ability to capture the very hundredth of a second when the model's movements and facial expressions are totally unguarded. It is when the model is completely inside herself, at the mercy of her world, that physical contact is made with all our longings, our arrogance and our own existential nakedness. We see our own metamorphosis.

Julia Peirone was born in 1973 in Argentina, grew up in Lund and works in Stockholm.

Falkenbergsgatan 3

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