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September Sessions: Performance by Valeria Montti Colque

September 24, 2023Full days

In anticipation of Liljevalch's extensive fall exhibitions, artist Valeria Montti Colque activates one of Stockholm's secret gardens, that is, the lush oasis of our neighbor, the restaurant Blå Porten.

Valeria Montti Colque has made herself known for her large-scale installations and performances in urban environments. On Blå Porten's staircase towards Liljevalchs, the artist allows a painting take form through a complex performance.

The artwork presented is entitled Demons Stomp & Flores, Ängar and the Vamperra på Picknick and the event is presented as part of the contemporary art festival September Sessions.

Demons Stomp & Flores, Ängar and the Vamperra på Picknick

Nature dialogues with us through her different elements: the Mountain Santa Ekeka carries her children on her back, on her Iliclla with flowers since the beginning of past future times. Times is not linear, but ciclic, what was in the past stays with us to guide us through the present. We do not walk forward, we dance across times.

We are all gathered here in this picnic that resembles the vivid rhythms of our hearts. We are shaped different and complementary in this multiverse where we decided to build our homes. Las Flores, Ängen, Helgondjuren, La Vamperra and y Las Santa Ekekas inhabit this land while they build it, layer by layer.

- text by Rosanna Mercado

Performers: Valeria Montti Colque, Rossana Mercado-Rojas, Sarai Alvarez Riveros, Carlos Martinez and Ida Lod.

September Sessions full program here

Image: Collage by Valeria Montti Colque in collaboration with Johnny Chang and Malou Bergman.

Falkenbergsgatan 3

Date: 24 Sep 16.30-18.00 pm

Free admission

Garden of the Blue Gate (Djurgårdsvägen 64)

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