After four successful years, Liljevalchs and the San Michele Foundation are once again continuing their scholarship collaboration. There is now a chance to be awarded a grant of SEK 50,000 for travel and accommodation for three autumn weeks at Villa San Michele, Capri.

The scholarship was established in 2019 and is aimed primarily at visual artists in the broadest sense. The first recipient was the photographer and artist Karin Alfredsson, and since then the prize has been awarded to the sculptors Susanne Larsson (2020) and Johannes Heldén (2021). Last year, filmmaker and animator Malin Erixon was the recipient of the scholarship and was able to spend a few inspiring weeks in Capri.

The application form for the 2023 grant is now open. The application is made via the form below and should be short. In addition to contact information, only three lines should state how the artist has enriched or is enriching Stockholm's culture through demonstrated curiosity, feeling and quality.

A jury consisting of Liljevalch's director Mårten Castenfors, Kristina Kappelin from the San Michele Foundation and artists Henrik Samuelsson and Susanne Vollmer will select the recipient. The selected artist can then gather strength and inspiration during the period 15 September to 4 October in the beautiful Villa San Michele on Capri.

With the scholarship, Liljevalchs and Villa San Michele strengthen their historical ties: two classical institutions with a royal connection to the piousness of art and culture.

The deadline for applications is 24 February, and the recipient will be presented at the end of the same month in Liljevalch's sculpture hall.

The application is closed!

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