Tour of the Spring Fair 2022

Join Liljevalch's art gallery director Mårten Castenfors for a guided tour of this year's Spring Salon. The film is made in collaboration with Micasa Fastigheter.

Since 2014, Liljevalchs and Micasa, the property company that owns and manages Stockholm's care properties, have run a joint accessibility project that brings art home to Micasa's tenants, seniors and residents with special needs.

As is tradition, this is also being done this year, and as usual, with a filmed screening of the Spring Salon. Through a simple filming, in which art gallery director Mårten Castenfors shows a selection of the artworks in the exhibition, Micah's tenants are offered the opportunity to follow an art tour from the comfort of their own homes.

"The Spring Salon is one of our most well-attended exhibitions and offers a wonderful mix of expressions and materials. Of course, we also want those who can't make it out to Djurgården to have the chance to take part in this art festival." says Mårten Castenfors.

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