Liljevalchs offers Today's Art

Just as the poem of the day on radio P1 can be an injection of stimulation, an invitation to joy or a consolation in sorrow, we want to give a ray of light in a dark everyday life and show that art lives even in coronation times!

Liljevalchs is in between exhibitions and while the Spring Salon is being taken down and the rooms are being prepared for this summer's big exhibition with Ulrica Hydman Vallien, we took the opportunity to check in with our Swedish artist friends. We asked them to send us a digital image of their work in progress and help us tell us about it.

The response was overwhelming and now you can drop in and see what's happening in the artists' studios.

First up this Sunday was Dan Wolgers, always poetically warm and seriously humorous. Join us for new art visits every day at!

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