Carl Kylberg. Memorial exhibition

Two years after the artist's death, a large memorial exhibition was arranged by Carl Kylberg, the artist who was a great role model for, among others, the Gothenburg school students. In connection with an earlier exhibition at Liljevalchs, the artist himself wrote a call to visitors: "To the visitor! First, a warm welcome! There's only one thing I want to ask of You. There is a wardrobe for outerwear in the entrance hall and I ask you – along with your clothes, also hang in any pendant, which consists of habitual, preconceived notions or perhaps prejudice. Only then, when you have freed yourself from these long-suffering thoughts, can you perhaps enjoy my paintings with a little pleasure." Two years earlier, in 1952, shortly after the artist's death, a major exhibition with Carl Kylberg was arranged in Paris. He was then the first foreign (not in France resident) artist to be invited by the French state to exhibit at the Palais des Beaux-Arts.

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