Lilyvalchs during World War II

In 1939 and a few years ahead, Liljevalchs was closed to exhibitions and the premises were taken over by the Navy's naval base. The navyman Birger Lindberg from Fjällbacka remembers his time in Stockholm during the war years: "After the outbreak of war, preparedness was tightened in Sweden, especially in the Navy, which had been upgraded compared to other weapons battles that had been dismantled during the interwar period. So many people were called to Stockholm that regiments and other camps were not enough. "Liljevalchs konsthall and Cirkus became temporary dressing rooms," Birger recalls. With many young men in the same place, it wasn't always so quiet and in some places the navy's men weren't so well seen. At the entrance to a restaurant in Stockholm there was a sign that said 'Dogs and marines do not own access'." Fredh, W. Terje Eleventh Hour Maritime Memories, Lysekil, 2002

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