A light and playful extension completed in 2021. The new building allows more people to take part in the art, as we can double the number of exhibitions per year. Liljevalchs becomes a better functioning art gallery that can offer exhibitions & experiences for another 100 years.

2,400 extra m2

The new house has three floors and provides 2,400 square meters of new space for exhibitions, entrance, shop and development of the classic café Blå Porten.

Light in focus

On the top level, the ceiling height changes between 3.5 and 6 meters. 166 lanterns create a grid that enables many different room divisions and light entry.

Greater capacity

Liljevalchs+ gives us increased security and a perfect climate. We can receive sensitive artworks, exchange large and small exhibitions and stay open every day.

Three new floors

When Liljevalchs+ is completed in 2021, the art gallery has gained an additional 2,400 square meters of floor space on three floors, for exhibitions, restaurant and shop.

Century-old visions

Already in 1918 there were thoughts of building studios and homes connected to Liljevalchs on the plot behind the pink house," says Mårten Castenfors.

Two houses with integrity

166 lanterns and 6860 glass cups give structure, rhythm and character to Liljevalchs+. The two houses work together and individually.

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