Three questions for Gert Wingårdh

What was the hardest part of the mission?

Understanding what Liljevalchs really wanted – that it became a competition shows that it was not completely clear. It was also a question of weighing different wishes against each other, the city obviously felt that the building should not become too dominant in the surroundings and we took that into account in our proposal.

What are you most satisfied with?

That we solved the task in our own way, with a nice overhead light and clean walls in the exhibition halls. And we hope that it will be socially exciting with the connection to the area along Falkenbergsgatan. The store also takes on a more independent role.

In the description of your proposal Little is referenced besides to the kinship with Carl Bergsten's main building to Malmö Konsthall, designed by Klas Anshelm in 1975?

The art gallery in Malmö has a simplicity in the room and an even light from lanterns and is hugely appreciated by exhibitors. We did not think it necessary to invent our own solution, but have withdrawn and worked on the ideas from here.

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