... and this is how Liljevalchs is pronounced

Liljevalch Art Gallery is named after the successful businessman Carl Fredrik Liljevalch Jr. During his lifetime (1837–1909), there was probably little doubt as to how the name would be pronounced, but it is now, we at Liljevalchs have noticed. Some people are so unsure of the pronunciation that they just say "art gallery", which is a bit of a shame...

Pronunciation for Liljevalchs. Thank you to the Language Council.

To investigate the matter once and for all, we have turned to the Language Council to get a professional view of the matter. Language carer Per-Anders Jande has kindly delivered a pronunciation statement published above. The greatest hesitation is therefore resolved because we can hereby announce that the "ch" in Liljevalchs is pronounced as a hard k.

We would also like to point out that we all at Liljevalchs have a highly liberal view of the pronunciation – if you want to say "Liljevalchs" in your own way, it is perfectly fine as long as the outside world understands what is meant.

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