How many people usually apply to Vårsalongen and how many come? The figures usually vary slightly and it is not the number of applicants or the number of works that is decisive for the exhibition. In recent years, it has looked as follows.


Applicant: 4974
Adopted: 163
Works in the exhibition: 298
Jury: Curators Ashik Zaman and Tawanda Appiah, Olympic rider and cartoonist Peder Fredricson, and Joanna Sandell Wright, Director of the Kunsthalle, as chair.


Applicant: 4135
Accepted: 159
Works in the exhibition: 298
The jury: the artist Jockum Nordström and the art historian Isabella Nilsson, with Liljevalch's deputy art gallery director Isak Nilson as chairman.


Applicant: 2962
Admitted: 150
Works in the exhibition: 316
Visitors: 95 837
Jury: artists Julia Peirone and Stina Persson and Liljevalch director Mårten Castenfors as chairman


Applicants: 4093
Adopted: 158
Works in the exhibition: 323
Visitors: 29,380
Jury: Artist and photographer Jens Assur, artist Petra Hultman and chairman Liljevalch's manager Mårten Castenfors


Applicants: 2985
Adopted: 170
Works in the exhibition: 330
Visitors: 110,220
Jury: Artist Lars Lerin, artist and designer Bea Szenfeld and chairman Liljevalch's manager Mårten Castenfors


Applicants: 3538
Adopted: 136
Works in the exhibition: 254
Visitors: 106,755
Jury: Artists Helene Billgren, Susanne Vollmer and Lasse Åberg, who is also museum director. The chairman of the jury is Liljevalch's head Mårten Castenfors.


Applicant: 2423
Adopted: 137
Works in the exhibition: 284
Visitors: 122,146
Jury: Artists Sara-Vide Ericson and Dan Wolgers and author Lena Andersson. The chairman of the jury is Liljevalch's head Mårten Castenfors.


Applicant: 2505
Adopted: 127
Works in the exhibition: 295
Visitors: 86,834
Jury: Artists Ernst Billgren and Charlotte Gyllenhammar and artist Magnus Uggla. The chairman of the jury, as in previous years, is Liljevalch's head Mårten Castenfors.


Applicant: 2318
Adopted: 114
Works in the exhibition: 214
Visitors: 83,387
Jury: Artists Lena Cronqvist, Berit Lindfeldt and Maria Miesenberger, all exhibited at Liljevalchs, and the chairman of the jury, Liljevalch's manager Mårten Castenfors.


Applicant: 2335
Adopted: 119
Works in the exhibition: 230
Visitors: 90,537
Jury: Art collector Jeanette Bonnier, initiator of Bonniers konsthall, Tom Böttiger, entrepreneur and advertising profile, Lena Josefsson, Chairman of Moderna Museet's Friends and Chairman of the Jury, Liljevalch's Director Mårten Castenfors.


Applicant: 2291
Adopted: 152
Works in the exhibition: 288
Visitors: 76,297
Jury: Art mediators and educators Greta Burman, Moderna museet Malmö, Lisa Lundström, Bildmuseet Umeå, Göran Ståhle, Stockholm and the chairman of the jury, Liljevalch's director Mårten Castenfors.


Applicants: 2183
Adopted: 157
Works in the exhibition: 315
Visitors: 64,867
Jury: Artists Monika Larsen Dennis, Päivi Ernkvist and Ulf Kihlander and jury chairman Lena From/Stockholm art. Liljevalch's manager Mårten Castenfors has, as usual, kept his watchful hand over the work.


Applicants: 2136
Adopted: 130
Works in the exhibition: 264
Visitors: 62,553*
Jury: Artists Ernst Billgren, Annika von Hausswolff, Peter Johansson and Chairman Mårten Castenfors/Liljevalchs

* 1 week shorter exhibition in 2012 than in 2011.


Applicant: 2037
Adopted: 131
Works in the exhibition: 255
Visitors: 64,340*
Jury: Art and culture critics Martin Aagård, Ingela Lind, Thomas Millroth and Chairman Mårten Castenfors/Liljevalchs


Applicant: 2014
Adopted: 131
Works in the exhibition: 245
Visitors: 56,061
Jury: Art Gallery and Museum Directors Pontus Hammarén, Karolina Peterson, Claudia Schaper, Mårten Castenfors and Chairman: Mårten Åhsberg/Liljevalchs


Applicant: 1825
Adopted: 168
Works in the exhibition: 263
Visitors: 56,788
Jury: Gallerists Stefan Andersson, Britt Arnstedt, Magnus Karlsson, Paul Thomassen, Mårten Castenfors and Chairman: Louise Fogelström/Liljevalchs 


Applicant: 1583
Adopted: 101
Works in the exhibition: 214
Visitors: 40,413
Jury: Curators Liv Stoltz, Ikko Yokoyama, Mia Zeeck and Mårten Castenfors, Head of Sak


Applicant: 1528
Adopted: 121
Works in the exhibition: 260
Visitors: 32,635
Two jury groups/two perspectives: Maria Lind with Petra Bauer, Leire Vergara and Niclas Östlind/Liljevalchs
Ricardo Donoso with Ove Imland, Stefania Sir and Niclas Östlind/Liljevalchs

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