Spring Salon Jury

Spring Salon Jury 2024

The jury for the Spring Salon 2024 is curators Ashik Zaman and Tawanda Appiah and Olympic rider Peder Fredricson. Joanna Sandell Wright, Director of Liljevalch, will chair the jury.

Spring Festival Jury 2023

The jury for Vårsalongen 2023 is Jockum Nordström and the art historian Isabella Nilsson, with Liljevalch's deputy director Isak Nilson as chairman.

Spring Salon Jury 2022

This year's jury consists of artists Julia Peirone and Stina Persson and Liljevalch's manager Mårten Castenfors, who is the jury's chairman.

Spring Salon Jury 2021

The jury for Vårsalongen 2021, which runs from 21 May to 22 August, was the artist and photographer Jens Assur and the artist Petra Hultman and Liljevalch's manager Mårten Castenfors who is the chairman of the jury.

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