Xose Luis Otero

Xose Luis Otero

Titel: 169. Urban metafor

Teknik: Kartong, trä, akryl, 4 delar

Xose Luis Otero

The Uninhabited Beehive 

We have poisoned the waters of our rivers and seas, as well as burned our forests.

The devouring man from Mother Earth and the maternal womb. Only uninhabited beehives without trace of man are now left there, a deafening silence reigning in an atlas of solitude. 

It is the aesthetics of destruction. A dramatic event dragging us to the End.

Landscapes of structures and skeletons, product of an act of uncontrollable force, lie before us, observers. Urban landscapes, now twisted in their own bewilderment – already minimal structures in a circle of life and death: the devastated cultural heritage. 

The disappearance of man in a landscape languishing and evaporating. The empty architectures of the uninhabited landscape. The pure solitude and the Silence of God.

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