Johanna Almgren

Johanna Almgren

Title: 17. Sorting 1

Technique: watercolour

Johanna Almgren

In my painting I try to express moods or quietly dramatic charges in everyday snapshots, both indoors and out in the landscape. Sometimes with an undertone of social criticism or an emotion that needs to be dealt with. Using watercolour as a medium, I explore light, darkness, shadow and in these works, especially colour.

The sorting came to an ordinary evening with laundry and Svt's news. Here are two, of these three, watercolours showing the sorting of freshly laundered socks in the living room sofa. The reception of refugees and worrying tendencies in society to want to sort people, is reflected in the diversity of the socks and the search for the lost in the pairs.

Instagram: @almgrenkonst

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