Application for the Liljevalch Spring Salon 2024

Who can apply to Vårsalongen?

Anyone living or staying in Sweden for a longer period of time and born in 2005 or earlier can apply for the Spring Salon 2024. Individuals as well as groups are welcome to apply.

How much does it cost?

The registration fee is 300 SEK and is paid to Liljevalch's plusgiro account 310 66-4. Mark the slip "Vårsalongen Name Personal number" or pay directly in the digital application.

When is the application deadline?

Entries including photographs must be submitted by Thursday, October 12 (digitally by 23.59; postmark October 12). For the application to be accepted, the fee must also be paid by October 12, 2023. Mark the envelope "Vårsalongen 2024" and send to Liljevalchs, Box 27806, 115 93 Stockholm.

Where can I get the registration form?

The application form for Vårsalongen 2024 is available (as a PDF) in three languages: Swedish, English and Arabic.
Download the application form in Swedish
Download the application form in English
Download the application form in Arabic.  

The form can also be ordered from Liljevalchs via our switchboard, tel. 08-508 31 330.

How many jobs can I apply for?

You can apply with a maximum of 5 entries, of which no more than 1 movie/animation. All works must be for sale. The works may not be more than three years old and preferably not have been exhibited before. Information on the price and number for sale (if the work is sold in circulation) is binding and cannot be changed retrospectively. The price should include everything that the buyer sees (i.e. including frame and the like) as well as Liljevalch's commission of 30 percent. The price you enter must be reasonable from an insurance and market point of view.

What should I submit?

Paper application

You do not apply with the objects/works themselves, but with photographs of them. They must be paper copies in colour not exceeding A4 format. PLEASE NOTE! The paper application will be scanned in to be shown digitally to the jury. The photographs must be accompanied by a completed entry form with your signature. Please note that the dimensions of the works must be indicated, this is important information when the jury makes its selection.

Here's how the contributions should be marked:

The name, address and number of the grant (according to the form, grants 1, 2, 3, etc.) shall be written at the top of the back of the photograph. Films shall be marked with their name and address, the number of the contribution and the playing time.

Digital application

From Thursday 31 August (postponed from 29 August due to technical problems), you can make a fully digital application. We encourage you to apply digitally if possible. Digital applications must be uploaded by October 12 at 23:59.

Video work

If you are searching with a video work, submit a USB stick in one of the formats .mpg, .mpeg, .mp4, .mov or upload as instructed in the digital application. Sound works should be in format mp3. Those who are accepted are contacted for instructions on display formats. Your movie may appear in a movie program with other artists. If you have an installation that cannot be displayed in an application, it is important to attach a detailed description of how you want the work to be displayed already in the application.

What happens to my submitted photographs after the jury verdict?

The photographs are not returned to the sender, nor do we have the opportunity to preserve this material. If your contribution is included in the exhibition, one of the photographs is printed in the catalogue, but is not preserved. Submitting photographs and applications means that you give Liljevalch permission to publish the image(s) in the catalogue and on Liljevalch's website without compensation. This also means that you agree that the photograph is offered to the press for free publication in connection with the media coverage of Vårsalongen.

Media coverage in the form of TV coverage from Vårsalongen

If your contribution(s) are included in the exhibition, it also means that you agree that TV elements are made from the exhibition and can be shown without compensation as part of the media coverage of Vårsalongen.

When and how do I find out if I've made it?

The jury's decision will be sent by email or regular mail at the end of November 2023. Successful applicants will be notified by letter and will receive further information on the submission of accepted works, sales procedures, etc.

Submission of accepted works will take place in January 2024!

Packing and transporting the works

The participant is responsible for packing and transporting his/her work to Liljevalchs as well as any transport insurance, as well as for the return transport after the end of the exhibition.

If someone buys what I exhibit, how do I get paid?

When selling the issued grants, Liljevalchs charges a commission of 30 percent. The sales price that you enter on the application form should therefore include the commission. You will be paid, less the sales commission, when the buyer/buyers have paid in full.

If I need more information, where do I call?

Information about the Spring Salon 2024 will be provided by Liljevalchs from Monday, August 21, Monday-Friday 9.00-12.00 on telephone 08-508 31 330.


This year's jury consists of curators Ashik Zaman and Tawanda Appiah, Olympic rider Peder Fredricson - who also draws - and Liljevalch's director Joanna Sandell Wright, who chairs the jury.

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