Erica Agerås

Erica Agerås

Titel: 16. Flowers cry too

Teknik: Bläck på papper

Erica Agerås

Erica Agerås (b. 1993) from Linköping, based in Stockholm, is an artist that explores the space between the surreal world and her emotions. During her years in London (2012- 2017) she explored creative illustration throughout her education and found a way to transform that onto canvas. Her biggest influences within the surrealistic art movement inspired her to use different techniques. The ink fine liners, used on “Flowers cry too”, is a time-consuming technique that bring textures to life.

She is working from a personal trauma and uses methods such as manipulation and hallucination to turn her memories into art. The flowers that keep repeating themselves is a beautiful sign of life and their dreamlike tears are a reminder of the healing process.

She continues to explore and develop her floral pattern during the process of manipulating her own memories with a therapeutic purpose.


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