Maria Murphy

Maria Murphy

Titel: 234. I haven't the bandwidth for this

Teknik: Olja på duk

Maria Murphy

After finishing a Digital Creative program in Hyper Island where I collaborated with alot of startups and tech companies I observed that the corporate culture seemed like a stage where people act and speak differently. I noticed a lot of corporate jargon being used in everyday conversations and emails, this became the basis of my ‘Corporate Cowboy’ series.

I used phrases like ‘let’s touch base’ or ‘I haven’t the bandwidth for this’ as inspiration for my pieces. I decided to use the cowboy as a symbol to represent the corporate characters as some people act like bigshots and others are just trying to fake it till they make it. The piece shown in Liljevalchs is titled ‘I haven’t the bandwidth for this’ and it’s about office politics. As the two girls in the foreground are engrossed in conversation, the lady in the background deliberately turns away to ignore it, hence the title of the painting.

The use of bright colours are for satirical effect and take away from the serious matter at hand. Colour plays an important role in my work as I use them to create an atmosphere and set the scene.

More of my work can be seen on or @mariamurphy.artist on instagram

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