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Liljevalchs 100 years Anniversary 2021

Since 1916, Liljevalchs has been an engine in Swedish art life. Here we remind you of highlights of the art gallery's history.

In this autumn's major exhibition, we make a splash on Liljevalch's more than century-old history, from the inaugural exhibition in 1916 with the time's top trio Carl Larsson, Bruno Liljefors and Anders Zorn to the 2020 pandemic-affected presentation of Hilding Linnqvist. 

When Liljevalchs was inaugurated in 1916, the Swedish Artists' Association achieved the goal of creating an independent art gallery for permanent exhibitions of contemporary art. From the early years, Liljevalchs was established as an art gallery for both art and crafts, internationally and nationally, classics and contemporary.

Open today 11-17

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Liljevalch catalogues through the ages

Browse through over 100 years of exhibitions at Liljevalchs. For the curious and knowledgeable, there is now a chance to travel in time via Liljevalch's catalogues from 1916 until today. To the catalogues!


Scroll through the impact of Liljevalch's more than century-old history. To the timeline

Who was Carl Fredrik Liljevalch and how did it all start?

Carl Fredrik's leftover giant heritage made it possible to build our art gallery. Read about a generous big-time capitalist who developed companies at a furious pace and, not least, flotated with 19th-century artist celebrities. Read more here!

Djurgårdsvägen 60

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