Sarah Mörk Petersen

Sarah Mörk Petersen

Titel: 237. Lucha Libre |
Furia Oro

Teknik: Textil, plast, gummi

Sarah Mörk Petersen

Each big-size mask captures the essence of these legendary wrestlers with stunning attention to detail. Crafted by hand with intricate designs, these masks evoke the vibrant costumes and fearless attitudes of Lucha Libre icons.

Uncover the secret identities of the greatest heroes of all time and feel their raw power and energy like never before. Experience the charged atmosphere as the power of each framed mask pulsates throughout the room. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or lover of bold art, Sarah Mörk Petersen’s collection is a must-see, unforgettable and breathtaking.

Sarah Mörk Petersen is a Swedish artist living in Mallorca. Her bold collection of big masks captures the essence of legendary Lucha libre heroes, evoking the fearless attitude and raw power of Mexican wrestling. Sarah’s distinctive style is characterized by bold colours and intricate designs that exude a sense of awe and wonder.

Sarah’s innovative art approach earned her recognition across Europe for originality and creativity. With unstoppable creative energy and dynamic vision, she continues pushing boundaries and captivating audiences worldwide with her stunning works of art.
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